Thank you AR Rahman

We were watching one of the live performances of Hotel California on YouTube. 
The boy was with me and we were seeing the crowd go crazy.
Being a responsible Dad have to use every opportunity to  show him the path. 
I told him, “I want you to be a great guitarist or musician and form a band like the Eagles. But on one condition.”
He asked what.
I said, “If you become a star, you are not supposed to get into drugs and commit suicide - because most musicians cannot handle the fame and fans and do stupid things.”
Pat comes the reply - “Nana, But not AR Rahman. I will be like AR Rahman.”
Thank you AR Rahman. 

Birth of IDLee


Sikkim Tugs My Heart

Our vacation revolves around school vacations. Last October 2018 during Dussehra I had planned a trip to Darjeeling. Booked tickets but people discouraged saying Darjeeling is over crowded and has lost its charm.

So changed plan to Sikkim and re-booked rooms in Gangtok ( pro tip : Agoda allows free of cost cancellation upto a certain point ).

Took Yeshwantpur-Howrah Duronto Express. Love long train journeys. Can sleep as much as you want and read as much as you want. I had off-lined a few movies in Prime - and family were entertained. I saw Dhalapathi with San - after 26 years - what a kick-ass movie. Last time I saw Dhalapthi was in my 10th standard summer holidays - a 2nd show that too in a movie theatre near Railway station. To kill time because we were to board the Cochin-Howrah express at 3:00 AM in Coimbatore. We were going to Cuttack, Orissa. The Howrah Connection!

Started Sunday 11:00 AM Bangalore. Reached Monday 5:00 PM Howrah.

We took a break. There are lot of trains to NJP …