Monday, October 15, 2012

iDo, iDont, iDo, iDont..

iPhone5 is around the corner.

Rewinding back to 2008 when iPhone was introduced in India. I was working in ThoughtWorks that time, and I badly wanted the iPhone. I had read so much about it and I was in awe.

And the price was quoted - ( around 30k - dont remember ) and I was floored. I didnt buy one as I was hoarding cash towards doing a startup. I envied the iPhones which some of the lucky bachelor guys had splurged themselves with.

Fast forward to 2010 - iPhone3 was introduced at around 36k I guess. I went and bought Samsung Galaxy S for 28k which looked like iPhone and had this Android thingy on it.

And it was one of the best buys. I started on 2G and could SSH to my servers smoothly.  Later 3G came along and there was no looking back. I was available round the clock - I can process all my emails, view attachments, chat during the long train journeys between Mumbai and Bangalore, could upload Photo tweets, download podcasts while running if I was bored - in short - could go around freely without lugging my laptop.

2 years down the line, I am reading about iPhone5 once again ( they are quoting 45k ) and Samsung Galaxy S3 is around 33k and will drop down further after iPhone5 comes to the market.

The heart still says iPhone. The mind says SGS3. I am torn.

I use OS X primarily and appreciate the nice touches and "appley" things - these are present in the iPhone too - both the OSs are merging. Also the reminders, notes - all are seamlessly synced.

However Google is now innovating like how Apple used to. The notifications, easy access to turning on/off wifi,gps etc.. changing the bottom perm icons, the lock screen displays - so many things can be customised - which cannot be done in an iPhone.

But still I long for the consistent and solid interface of the iPhone. The apps all have the same responsiveness ( perhaps because they uni task unlike in Android ). iTunes is there - ( I use double twist in Android but it sucks ). The ones that I use the most are there in iPhone.

However, in the Android world I have been riding on the Cyanogen mod ROMs for the last 1 year or so. I like the "hacker" satisfaction I get on my SGS. Will I get it in iPhone5?

I am still not in the market for a replacement phone yet. The trusty SGS is still chugging along fine. I am on Ice Cream Sandwich and very much satisfied. The phone feels almost complete ( except for a good music player).

But the geek in me is getting restless. Who will win - iPhone or SGS3 or the old war horse SGS. Stay tuned!

Updated as on Nov 12,2012 : iDid. More to follow