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Setbacks are like Power Petrol

My week is getting better and better - like the saying when it rains it pours - one challenge after another is coming my way. 
When you are living through one of these setbacks it sucks big time. You really wish it passes off fast and the proverbial bend around the corner comes so things suddenly become alright. From my personal experience I have started appreciating these setbacks. When I look back at all the setbacks I ever had - each one of them has helped me add an important skill/value.

I once lost a job interview, and I became good in Performance tuning. We goofed up in a UAT drop and that lead to a foolproof automated deployment system. I lost a lead but now I know why and I am working on filling the gap. Each setback teaches something new.  
How do we deal with setbacks?
1. Try to get to the bottom of a setback - I recently read about 5 Whys technique used in Amazon's fulfillment center. An employee cut his finger and they asked 5 Whys to go to the bottom of the truth. Its not…

Shahul Hameed still lives...

Today I was listening to Thiruda Thiruda - A.R.Rahman's 3rd movie which whenever I listen transforms me to the slogging days of 12th Standard. However, I was listening to Raasaathi en usuru ennuthilla and remembered the voice - Shahul Hameed - the unfortunate singer who died so young in a car crash near Chennai in 1998 or around that time. I was appreciating the intense song the way Shahul Hameed had song with so much passion and life - I felt sad. How unfortunate - he could have been a great singer with his high pitch and powerful voice.
However, he still lives on. 10 years down the line, a soul thought about him. Isn't that wonderful. Very few can leave a mark on the world they lived - it is easy for artists - musicians, painters, singers, dancers, actors,writers. What will people like me leave behind?
Anyway, Shahul Hameed - your voice is immortal. Thanks for the great song.

The journey..

It has been 5 months since I started my life as an entrepreneur. Things I miss - in no particular order !!
1. Salary!  2. Coffee machine gossip 3. 335E rides with a book in hand 4. Hearing aahaa moments from other developers 5. Architecture and design discussions/fights 6. Code Pairing, learning new techniques, stand ups, IPMs, Showcases! 7. Routine 

What I experienced new
1. Feeling real exhaustion after 4-6 days of serious development. I thought I was the only one but another entrepreneur friend of mine confirmed the same feeling. At the end of it I am forced to take a break for a day because my brain switches off.
2. Learnt to think of things outside an IDE ( IntelliJ in this case ! )- branding, opening page text, vision, mission, goals - the art of written communication.
3. Getting into the zone more often.  I start working slowly, and at one point I feel time stops and the air around me becomes still. Things flow smoothly and earlier unseen features,potential bugs automatically show up. It …