Monday, July 20, 2015

Running notes : Week 7/16

Since I was shifting my long run from Monday to Sunday - it was a short week. Only 3 runs in total.

I was bringing 7 years in Tibet to a close. The interactions between the young Dalai Llama and Heinrich is beautiful. China invades Tibet in 1951 and the book ends on a very sad note - with an appeal for help to keep Tibet free.

This time for the long run I did not go to Aarey colony. Was back in the park behind my apartment complex.

I set 26km as goal and started running. It was drizzling and the rain clouds went away.

Did a 9km non stop run, before getting back to my Apartment Complex security where I had kept 2 water bottles and 2 bananas. After downing a liter and a banana, continued on the 2nd round.

At 18kms, I again got back to my pitstop and downed the 2nd water bottle and another banana. My legs were quite heavy and tired by now. Sat for quite some time, and pulled myself up and started running gingerly

I saw a long brownish black snake swiftly go into a few rocks near the running track -was quite scary - I continued running, and did not dare look back.

Around 10:00 AM, the park security shooed me out. I went back to running in the concrete parking lot - and it broke my running rhythm. Also the Tibetan book ended on a sad note, and I pulled up a podcast which was a bore. Should have prepared something earlier to distract myself.

Beyond 20kms I started feeling pain at 2 places.. somewhere above the left ankle and  behind my right knee - I think this is the lactic acid building up. I walked for sometime so the pain went away, and started running again but the pain kept coming back - after 5 minutes.

At 22.5 kms I stopped. I don't know if this is where my limit is.

Since I did not run on the slopes I was able to stretch my legs properly and even though the legs hurt - it was not as bad like the last 2 times.

I started researching how else I can improve my running. If today was Marathon day, I still would have 20 kms to run :(  There are still 8 more weeks to go. Have to hack my body.

1. I have to start doing Fartleks - run fast and slow alternatively. Every material I read keeps harping on this.

2. I have to start adding more protein to my diet. Did a math - I should take 60gms of protein. Right now I am having an egg a day and some legumes as evening snack. Since I eat red rice for lunch, I am covered on Carbs. But protein I am falling way short. Planning to introduce tofu for a mid-morning snack - don't like the taste that much but I don't have a choice now.

The meat eaters in the family are tempting me - just a few bites of chicken and your daily protein requirement is met they tempt me.. grr.. not falling for it.

I am this close to hitting the panic button, will wait for the coming weeks run and attempt the 26kms one more time and then decide to panic or not.

God give me strength.

Torture plan for next week

Monday,Tuesday : Rest

Wednesday : 8kms
Thursday : 11kms - Fartlek

Friday : Rest

Saturday : 8kms
Sunday : 26kms.