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Disconnected from mothership !!

Today I removed my blog ka link from Thoughtworks profiles site. I had always wanted to do it - because it was kind of inhibiting my writing. I should watch what I say, be politically right - even though TW does not say anything of that sort - I felt I have to be a responsible citizen and not land TW in trouble. Now I can write what I feel about Karnataka Govt, the Indian Govt, Indian cricketers, Airport Road, people who park their cars on the road jamming traffic, the smokers who smoke their and my lungs out, the ridiculous property prices in Bangalore, the sad state of working children, our friendly neighbors P & C and so much more !! I thought I will start another blog - when I am this lazy to write in one blog itself - I will end up not writing on any of them.

Later !!

I am back on broadband in Bangalore !! 7th grade English teacher would have written a "V.G" for the alliteration in the title. Anyway - last week the nice folks at AirTel set up a DSL modem in our home - and life is at supposedly 256Kbps now. Had hathway cable internet till now - but it was hopeless - net was good for checking emails - sudo apt-get updates will never complete. The list of woes is endless and it all got sorted out after the bandwidth expanded.

Anyway here is what I have accomplished at home. A full fledged ubuntu "headless" server.

Subversion :

This was the first app I installed. You might be wondering why subversion. It keeps some of the files - like an excel sheet of expenses I have - versioned. I am trying to organize lot of stuff - and its time to get disciplined and versioned !!

Torrentflux :

This is one sweet app. Throws a web interface to the torrent downloads.

Wiki :

I have installed phpWiki. Why wiki?? I have been using it at work for the past couple of years and I have alway…