I am back on broadband in Bangalore !!

ahh...my 7th grade English teacher would have written a "V.G" for the alliteration in the title. Anyway - last week the nice folks at AirTel set up a DSL modem in our home - and life is at supposedly 256Kbps now. Had hathway cable internet till now - but it was hopeless - net was good for checking emails - sudo apt-get updates will never complete. The list of woes is endless and it all got sorted out after the bandwidth expanded.

Anyway here is what I have accomplished at home. A full fledged ubuntu "headless" server.

Subversion :

This was the first app I installed. You might be wondering why subversion. It keeps some of the files - like an excel sheet of expenses I have - versioned. I am trying to organize lot of stuff - and its time to get disciplined and versioned !!

Torrentflux :

This is one sweet app. Throws a web interface to the torrent downloads.

Wiki :

I have installed phpWiki. Why wiki?? I have been using it at work for the past couple of years and I have always wanted one at home. Nothing can beat the wiki when it comes to organizing stuff. The wife loves it too - the simple interface and the japanese zen like philosophy it has running through it.

mt-dappd :

Rendezvous for streaming music out of the linux box. So now my linux server shows up on itunes and can enjoy music from anywhere in the home.

It took some time googling trying to figure installing all of the above. And since its a headless server - I installed all the apps using command line. My advice will be to download the ubuntu server version - I had to spend some time configuring LAMP stuff - so it will be a great headstart.

Perhaps, if I have the enthu bug biting me will expand on each of the installation - but who knows when the next post will be.....!!


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