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The Facebook somersault

You would have heard about facebook changing its TOS and reverting it back. Only google is allowed to own you and everything you create - no one else. Facebook tried to change this and failed miserably. 
Perhaps facebook can change its motto to "We also claim we don't do evil" and perhaps people's perception might change and they can own the rest of the content google does not own.
Jokes apart, I am liking facebook. I created an account a year back but only recently I got on facebook - and find so many of my friends partying over there. Facebook feels more mature than orkut and the applications seem to be well evolved.  I feel it is somewhere between Orkut and linkedin.
And I liked the facebook page concept - created one for Apartment Adda . 
25 things about me seems to be quite interesting - planning to write one sometime. Also planning to check out the facebook APIs.. watch this space for a facebook app from me …

What the..