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Well thats my mind right now! Have deviated from the path the last few months - inspite of knowing the beautiful serene feeling I could be enjoying now - my mind is agitated and is all over the place, plotting many an evil plot, vengeful, hurt - messy.

My mind is similar to the parable of the boiling frog. It does not know it is slowly sinking into a mess and does not jump out.

Time to jump out of this rut.

Here is my interview of my mind.

Are you happy?


Why you are not happy?

I don't know.

Are you happy at work and home?

Yes absolutely. At work - did I tell you I work on 2 large monitors now - one of the developers is on a long vacation and I have borrowed his. The apps are coming out good and some of the complex things we were doing all have been stabilised. 

At home - have a beautiful dog to cuddle anytime I want. P got into a bout of sickness + injury - and is back to his usual self. Also had procured Kindle - and have an unlimited supply of books. 

Then what is bothering …