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My Top 10 things of 2009

The world is currently full of 2009 is the list from my world !
If you are curious - here is the link to my top 10 things of 2008 -
10. Running 10KM/hr for 8 minutes
This might be easy for many - but this is a huge achievement for me. I could run for 2 minutes at the most at this pace before I had to slow down to 8KM/hr and then 6KM/hr. I have been trying to increase this duration slowly and nowadays I can run for a flat 8 minutes at this pace on the treadmill without my heart jumping out onto the floor.
9. Blogging
Started writing regularly in all of my blogs :
this one you are reading - kind of a satire nonsense blog - my entrepreneurial journey - , and a new one I started this year - on books for startups -
The last couple of months things have been crazy and my blogging has been sporadic or I might have got a blogg…