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Three Running Myths Busted

I love running.

I was never an athletic person - whenever there was a race, I was the last, play any competitive physical sport with me and I assure you I would have made you triumphant. As a kid I never cared much about sports and hated PT classes. However I discovered running the last couple of years and it was just what the Doctor ordered. I set my own pace, listen to a podcast and I am content and happy.

I touched 10km a few months back and I celebrated. Then I pushed to 12km and a nagging pain started - "shin splints". Read all about it and in the process came to know the names of other minor pains I was having. So I tweeted

venkat kandaswamy

dear runner friends - did any of you have shin splints.. I am touching 12 km and having this pain.. any help/pointers appreciated

got a few replies


@  yeah it does creep slowly. Back off a bit, increase gradually when you get back and examine how you land on your feet when you run