An inspiring movie - 300

Last weekend we saw the movie "300" - the amazing story of a crazy bunch of 300 Spartans who bring the mighty Persian army to its knees - almost. Had I watched this before I started working on Apartment Adda , I might have only appreciated this movie for its slick production and technicality. But I was emotionally involved and felt charged up while seeing this movie. 

The Spartans believed firmly in their abilities - all their life they practiced for this one day. They were able to draw all their life's experiences and lessons to this one fight - which they know is extremely hard and odds are stacked heavily against them. Yet, they hold on amazingly as wave after wave of attacks hit them. It is a fantastic story that will inspire you and push you to do things that seem daunting - just like running any startup.

Like the Spartans, Apartment Adda is a lean team now  - and we are trying to build useful features, build a brand name, sell the product, support our customers, fight the recession's scary omens and some more - the challenges that are confronting us are numerous. But what drives us is the sheer enthusiasm and determination to grow this little baby of ours into a great portal - that one day Apartment Adda will be counted with other useful and much loved Indian portals like a rediff, or yahoo or a money control. I wish I can imbibe atleast a fraction of the audacity and determination of those mighty Spartans.
Do  watch "300" - and let it inspire you to do amazing things. 

Ok... now I will put my sword back in it's sheath :) Shinnnng.


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