Hi PETA - get your priorities right.


Good job on creating a mass movement and uniting a fractured Tamil Kingdom ruled between a Dynasty and bunch of Film Stars. Thank you - no one could have accomplished what you just did.

I am not going into the merits of Jallikattu or demerits - but given the clout you posses - here are my humble requirements - so you will get your priorities right.

Poultry and Cattle Transfer

I wait on my bike in a traffic signal with the hot sun and exhaust fumes everywhere, sweat drips  from the helmet harness on to the petrol tank and as I watch it evaporate - I hear a few bird sounds nearby.. turn to my left and see these white chicken all squeezed tightly - suffocating under the same sun and exhaust fumes - luckily their trip is only a few hours before they turn into a tandoori platter.

However, PETA - this is plain wrong. The poor souls deserve a decent journey the last few hours of their life.

Please get Supreme Court to pass an order to transport these poor souls in an AC vehicle - with enough space and feed. We should show these Chicken that we humans are not inhuman.

You saved a handful of Bulls from being subject to 30 odd minutes of hardship in a year - now it is your duty to save these billions of chickens that go through this daily.

Yes, the cost of Chicken will go up - so be it. The Non-Vegetarians will work harder to savour the chicken - they won't complain. Just like they are not complaining now about the Jersey cow conspiracy, or the thousand year culture that has got destroyed with the Jallikattu ban.  

Pet animals kept for Breeding

Just stand in front of any Pet clinic. On any day there will be an unkempt man who will bring 2 plump Alaskan Huskies, or Labradors, or Golden Retrievers - an Adam and Eve - who are obese and has sad eyes. He will shove them into the clinic with his legs and will ask the doctor - how many more years can they keep producing. Once the time is up - he will just dump them on the streets, or turn it over to CUPA ( if he is kind enough ) - and these poor souls might or might not get a lucky home.  What a sad life these beautiful creatures had to go through.

These are the puppy mills - rampant across the country. 

PETA - just STOP this madness. Please. 

Just go to Quikr or OLX and you can find these culprits. Take them to court - confiscate all that they have got. Put stiff fines. Put them in the same cage for a year. 

PETA - if you bring to halt a thousand year tradition - you can do this simple small thing. 

Halal Cut

PETA, PETA - how can you stand this?

When you cannot stand 30 minutes of a bull run - how can you allow 30 minutes of a slow drip by drip death of a Goat or a Chicken. Yes the veins are cut and the bad blood oozes off - so the meat is fresh and pure - but imagine the torture the poor animal goes through?

Shouldn't you ban this too? The last minutes of the poor soul - when all its life has seen just the animal factory doors or a cage with zero joy or laughter - at the least can have a quick fast death.

I have a better idea PETA.

Let us ban killing completely. We buy vegetables, wash and cut them. Why not the same with Chicken, Goat or Fish? The Great Emperor in the West - Mark Zuckerberg I heard does the same thing. If he can do it - so can Non Vegetarians in India.

Here is your requirement - ban all slaughter of animals. Animals can only be sold alive - it is upto the consumer to make the final cut.

You might ask - what about Restaurants. Yes along with Menu card, let the waiter parade the chicken and goat to the table. Like they do with Crabs nowadays.

Once the patron selects, can go to the back of the kitchen where he/she can perform the deed, come back and continue checking WhatsApp - while the food is prepared.

Use your clout PETA.

Beef Industry

PETA - gosh my blood is boiling thinking of this.

First the Cows and Buffaloes ( your special friends I believe ) are transported inhumanly to the Slaughter Houses.

There they are herded into a slaughter room where they are hit with a heavy metal rod - where they are stunned. Some lucky ones die but mostly they just pass out. And because the slaughters have to meet the daily targets - they do not wait for the poor soul to fully depart the body.  While the animal is still dying and trembling - the insides are torn out and meat is cut.

PETA - you have to stop this. Monitor the industry closely. By now you should know how much time it takes for an animal to completely die. Let us give them the time - instead of being skinned alive. Reduce the output from these industries.

Let the price go up or if it is unsustainable let the business owner find something else to do.

Finally Economics

It is ok - let the price go up. Economics has a way of solving the demand supply curve - and which is sustainable for the environment.

Organic Milk from a Desi Cow is above Rs.100 for half a litre. Yes, that is the true price it deserves - I will switch to Green tea or Soy Milk. Price of a produce - says how scarce it is. Definitely we will switch to alternatives if something is not sustainable for the pocket.

Instead of keeping the price same, and still we try to meet demand by cutting corners ( adulterating or injecting steroids ) - or destroying the environment ( by using deadly pesticides and eradicating healthy but less producing crops ), or torturing poor souls and treating them like machine parts in an assembly unit.

Sigh PETA.

I honestly still don't know why you will go after Jallikattu - while these other big issues are rampant and are far more deadly. I wish you will get your priorities right.


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