The man on the left is the scape goat because of the incompetency of the following stalwarts.

1. Manmohan Singh
2. A.K.Antony.
3. Sonia Gandhi.

Mrs.Gandhi has successfully placed "dummies" for Prime Minister, President, Defense Minister and Home Minister. 1 and 2 might be clean but that did not come of any good to handle crisis. I prefer a corrupt paan chewing bad guy who will make our enemies think twice before indulging in any such adventures.

Venkat how can you say such a thing? I know I know - even if 1. and 2. are clean - the rest of 3,4...272 are  looting - remember the just concluded Telecom scandal  - Rs 60,000 crores swindled by a Swan technology and one more company - who never had any plans of selling mobile network - but got the spectrum from Mr.Raja for a measly sum and resold it within days to companies who wanted the spectrum badly. 

So corruption will happen - its a serious cancer. But the wounds that are being inflicted now will bring us a quick death. It has to be tackled with some guts and bravado - do you think our "clean" PM and Defence Minister and "competent" Home Minister and the Remote Control can handle it? No. 


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