Friday, April 08, 2016


They were sitting in the balcony on a cool Bangalore morning - all 3 of them. The kid, Mom and Dad.

They had just lost their lovely puppy Sufi - to a canine virus - the previous night. She had entered their life just a week back.

The dad who hadn't cried that night before was sobbing. The kid had got over it - weeping uncontrollably on that fateful night along with his mother - perhaps the first time he ever cried for a living being.

The kid made jokes to cheer his dad.

It has been 3 months. The dad still misses Sufi a lot. He gets sad when he remembers Sufi and along with him makes the kid sad. They both sit and mourn and curse God.



  1. venkat
    is this for real ?

  2. yes.. She came and left us in a week.