Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bong Secrets Revealed!

Alright here it goes - the best kept bong secrets are all revealed.

All these from the observation I made during a Bong wedding I attended in February.

Fish is a vegetarian dish

This is an open secret - but I will not get full marks if I do not list it here. I am yet to figure out this mystery.

Wedding doesn't get over on the same day

On the night of the wedding day, the boy and girl are kept awake by the 2 sides. There is a mythology where Lakhinder of the Behula Lakhinder legend has to stay awake on their wedding night or he dies. This turned out to be lot of fun - and we all became deep and spiritual ( after 3 am ).

Groom's Mom should not attend wedding

If this comes up in any of the Tamil TV Serials - all the heads watching the TVs will just explode in unison. I don't know the reason behind this tradition.

Bongs hate Rosogolla

I am not kidding. Try giving Rosogolloas to them and they will all go - ohh.. eeh.. and if they are pushed to eat and they realise there is no way out - they will take the rasogolla and squeeze all the syrup out of it before putting it in their mouth. Perhaps the bongs living outside Kolkata might not exhibit this behaviour. The only ones who were stuffing ourselves with Rosogollas where the Tams.

Some more enlightenment

Mark my words - My in-law race will take over this world for sure  - and that time most of the words that you know will be replaced. Here is preparing you for the future.

Punjaabi - Its the Kurta as you all know it
Puchhka - Paani Puri
Loochi -  Poori
Shingaada - Samosa

Jokes Apart - I am in total admiration of Bengalis.

They are very deep and spiritual. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda ( Autobiography of a Yogi - very interesting book - the only book Steve Jobs had in his iPad and he read it once every year) - all are Bengalis.

Bengalis are forward thinking in lot of ways. Birthplace of Indian Freedom movement, Music, Art and Literature, Movies and now there are many Rock Bands. Their songs ( once translated to me of course ) are deep and spiritual in many ways.

They are very brave when it comes to naming their kids - the wife's cousin kids names are based on Currencies for instance ( Rouble, Ringgit and Lira )

Bengalis never give up a fight for whats right - and are an impractical but passionate lot.

Someday I will write a book on just Bengalis - from a 3/4 Tam + 1/4 Kannadiga's view point.

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