Case for an Indian SaaS App Store

In 2008 when we started ApartmentADDA we were faced with a myriad of questions / objections.

You have all the data with you. What if you close down.
I can build my own.
I want to buy your software and put it on my computer. 
Why can't I pay onetime and use it lifelong?
I want a backup of all my data, emailed to me every day.

The questions haven't stopped, and new ones keep getting added.

I look around and see so many Indian SaaS Startups fighting similar battles. Educating the populace on SaaS and its benefits.

We also market our product through SEO, Videos, Posters and a few lucky days when media bothers to write about these interesting SaaS products.

Imagine. If there was a single site which does all the marketing and brings people to its site. It educates the visitors on the advantages of SaaS, lists all the SaaS apps that are available and also lists prices and user reviews. How cool will that be?

Advantages of a SaaS App Store

1. Startups like mine and others need not repeat the same argument over and over to educate customers.

2. Customers will not feel that they are dealing with only one "unique" idea - but lot others are there and will give them confidence - This is where the world is going.

3. Increases Discoverability - I come here looking for a Personal Finance Solution and I stumble upon this interesting Apartment Management Portal or a Telephony App or a Site that helps you find a good guitarist.

4. Customer Reviews. Before I purchase a mobile app ( including the free ones ) I always read the reviews. These reviews have become an important decision point. This will also help in deciding between similar offerings.

5. Single point of invoicing and billing - each portal now has to run its own billing invoicing workflow. I will happily pay to get listed on this site - as this opens a new Sales Channel and I can direct my customers to this site to complete the purchase.

6. The Site also sends reminders for renewals and can also earn when a customer renews.

7. We can focus on building a kickass SaaS product and delight customers - while the Sales, Marketing, Billing, Invoicing, Renewal tracking are all taken care of - even if not 100%, a percentage of it will take away some load off us.

That's it - go ahead and create this nice SaaS Portal for SaaS products to get listed. I will be your customer - will get listed and also shop for other SaaS products.


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