The Enemy is Within

The delhi events going on are as if it was scripted right out of a poorly made Political themed movie.

In Rang De Basanti, the mom of a fallen soldier gets lathi charged. A similar photo was captured a few days back and got circulated.

A police stamping the face of a kid lying on the ground - apparently stolen from a different protest is now being circulated by the protestors on Police atrocity.

Honourable Prime Minister addresses the nation - reads out a lifeless 2 para speech in English assuring Security for all women and utters  "Theek hai" to check with the cameraman if it recorded fine which the editors missed to cut off - and it has become the new joke.

A police constable who collapsed because of Heart Attack and unfortunately died has now taken the center stage as cases have been booked against 8 kids - even though the Doctors have said there was no internal or external injury and cause of death is Cardio Arrest.

I doubt if anyone still remembers why this all started. The poor 23 year old still struggling to live has been forgotten.

Its sickening to the core. Who are we fighting against?

India against India?

How did things spiral down so fast.

I strongly feel that the enemy is within each one of us. It is not external - it is not another country, not a religion, not a person, not an idea - its in different shades of everything - hidden deep inside us.

Yesterday I saw a well dressed lady take her well bred cute pup for a walk near the Saree shops stretch near Marine Lines in Mumbai - and the dog pooped - she dragged the dog away not bothering to scoop the poop and put it in a waste basket.

I was angry and even had the holier than thou attitude thinking I would not let such a thing happen if it was I with that pup.

I should have gently talked to her - humorously perhaps - pointing to her that we should not be trashing our country. Or I should have suggested her to carry a waste cover all without hurting her ego.

Instead I did nothing - went my way. That lady and dog will be out today and will be doing this deed for the next 15 years. I could have stopped it forever with a simple gesture. I did not.

How many such things that I - as one person - a simple honest gesture - can start doing - so an impact will still be made.

I should start discovering these streaks within me - the laziness or anger or ego - which prevents me from doing the right thing.

It is time I discover the Enemy within me - before I start pontificating to the Government how they should run it.


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