Monday, September 17, 2012

Gorai Beach

Last weekend we made a trip to Gorai Beach - in the northern part of Mumbai. Even though it was a Sunday it was empty!

We took an auto from Kandivali East from our home. The auto guy asked us how do you want to go - trick question. The wife smartly answered - whichever has less traffic. The meter reading came to 7.3 ( return it was 5.5 ) - and he took us for a ride through winding roads.

We reached the Gorai Creek and got into a Ferry. Many had come with their 2 wheelers and I was wondering why they will need it. On the other side it became apparent. The beach was quite far. Autos were plying for Rs.50. Horse cart was Rs.80. And its fun to take your own 2 wheeler if you can. Worth it.

And the beach was dreamy! - not like the Chennai ones with sand getting into ones toes. The sand was black and wet. And it was a huge beach. We had to walk half a km to reach the water - which was very shallow.

The car waalae had brought their cars and were driving it really fast splashing! I was looking at them expecting someone to drift.. but no one did - boring Indians.

The sand was quite hard and had a nice feel on the foot.

Puttu fish loves water. He got fully drenched! 

We had a betting game on which snail will go out of the box first!

The last Ferry is at 9:30PM. For the beach to ferry ride the Auto guy charged Rs.60. I made a mistake should not have asked - should have just got in and directed him to Ferry place and quietly given Rs.50. The auto guy was saying the rate will keep increasing as time goes on. He did have a point - he had to return empty from the Ferry spot.

We got back to the creek had dinner at Deccan House/Place ( food was good but nothing memorable ) and got back home on a honest auto.

Next trip we are planning to visit the Pagoda - which is a detour from the Gorai beach ( auto was quoting Rs.80 ) - had we started earlier we could have covered both places.

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