Saturday, April 07, 2012

Turning a Herbivore is not easy

It is a running thing - less fat on the body, can run better. And animal fat is bad for running. So I decided to kick the meat out of my diet. Nothing ecological, nothing religious - just a plain selfish reason to run better.

I don't like fish and whenever I eat, I eat very less - so I decided to leave it in my diet. Also it helps me "fit in" with the other carnivores around.

My real test was a couple of days back when my sister gave a treat for her clearing a big exam after 2 tries in her path towards becoming a CA. The treat was in a typical Chettinad style hotel in Coimbatore which I love. Whenever I enter these places - the whiff of aroma from biryani and kurmas will make me salivate like a pavlo's dog.

The time for ordering came and I ordered an Egg Biryani and a prawn dish. I am surprised this was not reported by any breaking news channel. The first ever in my history. Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Fish Curry, Thalai curry and Chicken Lollipop were ordered and were sitting real close to my plate.

Yet I did not feel tempted to try them out. The egg biryani had the same taste as a mutton or chicken biryani. I did try a few prawns and sent it around and they disappeared immediately.

I was not being a spoil sport or a holier than thou because I am a herbivore - I think :) Enjoyed the lunch, they pulled my legs on turning veggie and I was quite happy that I did not get an urge to sink my teeth into any of the dishes.

Since I am giving meat the boot, and also running regularly nowadays ( 13 runs, 57 Km in March ) -  when I order Veggie dishes I let go off all restrictions - I don't feel guilty eating those delicious Panner or Butter laden dishes.

Turning a herbivore amongst a family full of carnivores is not easy - but it is certainly doable.

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