My 2011 Books Roundup

Books Books Books.. what will I do without you!

Here is the list of books that I crunched last year. If you are curious - here is my list for 2010.

Conversations with God 1,2 and 3 by Neale Donald Walsh

During one of the demos I met this interesting 70 year old Gentleman who suggested these books. The author reaches the bottom pit of his life and cries out in anger to God - Why are you not talking to me - and God responds.

It has got a good mixture of eastern and western philosophy and can help you form your own theory on Religion and God.

For me I did not get any answers, but have more questions in my mind now.

Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

Now I don't remember what was there in this book. But it was a good timepass and helped killed time on a day train from Coimbatore to Bangalore. You can give this a pass.

The Pixar Touch, Making of a Company

If you love Pixar movies you would like this book.  The Pixar Touch

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

Total Geek Novel. Enjoyed it thoroughly.  Cryptonomicon

Enn Inniya Iyanthira by Sujatha

The only Tamil novel I read. I was always curious what this highly regarded novel was all about. This was written in 1980s and I read this one after almost 3 decades. The story happens in the future and is about a robot dog ( the hero of this novel ). This was a weekly running story published in Ananda Vikatan - so is a little jerky and there is not much of a flow. Wish the editors or Sujatha himself had re-written this masterpiece before he logged-out.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Good Time pass, interesting writing style. I recommend this one if you are looking for something light to munch on.  Eat Pray Love

On writing well by William Zinsser

The author is a regular columnist in New Yorker, and also teaches how to write good non-fiction. I am not sure if my writing has improved, but it opened up my eyes to recognize what is good writing.

What I talk about when I talk about Running - Haruki Murrakami

Loved this one. I read this when I had decided to break the 5 km mental barrier I had developed - and wanted to run more. A little disjointed and boring at some places - but if you are a runner you will love the way he talks about his running!  What I talk about when I talk about Running

Born to Run - Christopher McDougall

The 2nd must read book for runners. This one is a good eye-opener to running. Loved this one thoroughly and inspired me to kick off my nike and run on a Bata Canvas shoe. Three Running Myths Busted

Snow by Orhan Pamuk

A heavy one by my favorite author. Middle East fascinates me and this one is about a poet who returns to Turkey. The clash between conservatives and liberals.

Aleph by Paulo Coelho

Brilliant book. Recommend this one -  Aleph by Paulo Coelho

Currently reading the Tibetan book of living and dying. Finding it hard to finish it...but I will finish it nevertheless - I do not give up on books that I start!


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