What I talk about when I talk about Running

This is the book written by Haruki Murakami (thanks to @kgthegreat for pointing my spelling flaw) Nila mentioned to me about this book on Thursday evening, Friday morning I had to plan for a surprise one day trip to Chennai, Saturday found an audio version of this book and Sunday listened to this book on the afternoon return journey. At times it is really amazing how it looks like as if someone sat and planned the whole situation to the very last detail.

I have read only one book of his before - kafka on the shore. He is an amazing fiction writer and paints such crazy images and situations. ( http://kvrlogs.blogspot.com/2008/07/kafka-on-shore.html ). I was very curious to know what he had to talk about when he talks about running!

Pic from one of his interviews ( http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-243-410--8908-0,00.html)
The book starts with him training in Kauai, Hawaii 6 days a week, 10kms a day with 1 rest day. He is putting in these miles in preparation for the New York Marathon. The story weaves in and out of of how he started running ( at the age of 33 around the same age I started running and this is where our similarity ends - I am yet to touch even 10kms, yet to write my first novel and I can't speak Japanese - neither can he speak Tamil ).

I will list down some interesting facts I still remember.

* He does not walk when he runs in the marathon. He will take a break to stretch his legs - but he never walks as a policy. I am still in the run-walk-run routine, will try to emulate this.

* He has run the ultra marathon - 100 Kms in a day. This very thought is crazy. While a marathon with 42 kms is itself a crazy number - I just could not digest this number. He gives a vivid account on what went through his mind and body on that day when he ran this. How his body resisted and finally something inside him gave away and he could run with no pain. He reaches a meditative state. It is so beautiful to just listen to this part - imagine if you could experience it.

* He talks about how running helps his writing. Makes absolute sense - It is all about Focus, Endurance and Rhythm. This passage is brilliant how he relates his writing to running.

* Our man ran the real "Marathon" - between Athens and the small town of Marathon.

* He has run 1 marathon every year for the past 24 years.

* Best quote from the book "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional".

This book is like an adrenaline shot to beginner runners like me.


  1. Moumita3:53 PM

    After reading your blog i feel like running too...:)

  2. You should.. best / non polluting / cheapest way to stay in shape. And you have a nice beach nearby.. what are you waiting for :)


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