I Support Anna Hazare.

There you go - let me come out in the open.

While I might doubt the success of the JanLokpal bill - which no politician in the right mind will ever pass it - I love the revolution Anna Hazare and team is creating.

Dear Egypt, Syria, Lebonon - watch what is happening here. We are a healthy democracy and we are not fighting dictators. In another 50 years you will be going through what we are going through. You might be getting a honest leader now - but slowly without you even knowing - like the proverbial frog on a hot stove - your country will start getting looted. You will get so used to corruption tax that you will not even know that this is a crime you are committing. Then look back at history and see 2011 - what happened in India. You can get some inspiration out of this.

Back to my beloved country people - Go ahead - ask me - have you bribed?

Yes. I have. I am guilty but I am not ashamed. Before you call me a hypocrite read further.

Karnataka - the most corrupt state in India - is the only state in India to have Lokyukta. Santosh Hegde and his brave team keeps unearthing stash of illegally got wealth from officials from every department. We see in newspapers the photos and the grand total - that run into crores. What happens next? The officials get suspended for a few weeks or months - and they are back to their jobs - milking the system.

All we are asking is a Lokyukta with powers to prosecute.

These are the benefits :

1. Of course the whole corruption industry will go into recession.

2. The "tout-layer" will go out of business. There are honest officials and the buyer ( we ) are not aware of them - however the touts charge a fee saying it is for bribe and pocket the money. All these lazy goons will stop loitering around the government buildings and we go meet with these honest officials directly.

3. The rich country that India has become - will see less poverty. The largesses dished out ( no not the TVs and Fridges from TN govt ) - the subsidized rice from ration shops, the compensation from calamities ( gosh how can they even think of stealing from this )  - will all reach the people to the last paise.

4. People will donate to the PM's relief fund.

5. Probably the goons will start concentrating on other ways to make money and will quit politics - so educated youth like you and me can start thinking of Politics as a career option.

Provided I have the confidence in me - that I will not be beaten up by goons for raising an RTI, or my house transfer is frozen for ever - because I refused to pay a bribe - I will not pay a bribe. I will use that money to go buy something tangible - that will provide more jobs and make everyone richer.

So my friend - you support Anna Hazare or not - let us work towards revolutionizing India.

I am following Anna Hazare's path - you find a better path take it. Probably I will join you as well - and let us let India rise to its true potential.


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