What the doctor ordered!

AI - Ad Industry
Doc - The Wise Doc

AI : Doc - we need a way to show ads on prime time.
Doc : Ok?

AI : We need to show ads every 2 minutes
Doc : Hmm.

AI : Is it even possible or are we greedy?
Doc : Any thing is possible my dear AI. There is a religion worshipped by Indians that we can exploit. It is called Cricket. Let us come up with a 20 over format and force the players to play fast - so you can show ads every 2 minutes - between the overs. Also encourage the batsmen to treat their wickets with scant respect - so they will get out quicker - and you can show more ads during that time.

AI : What about replays?
Doc : Screw the replays - no one will care how the batsman got out - either he will be clean bowled or caught somewhere on the boundary line.

AI : That is wonderful. God bless your wisdom tooth.
Doc : You are welcome my dear friend. Even though you did not ask I will give you one more opportunity to show more ads - introduce a "strategic time-out". The viewer will now wait eagerly and guess the new strategy - and meanwhile he will watch all the ads you throw at him.

AI : Brilliant.

And so happened IPL1, IPL2, IPL3.... and so the soap mobile soda sellers became rich, the cricketainers become richer, the worshippers wasted their prime years watching cricket and tweeting and blogging.. err..hmm..ok bye :)


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