Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conspiracy Theories - Part II

Here is my second edition of Conspiracy Theories. The 1st part is here -

4. Cure for the common cold.

It has been discovered and the pharmaceutical companies, the presidents and prime ministers around the world, the Shah Rukh Khans, the TV News Anchors - are all having access to it.

But the common man like you and me do not have this cure for the common cold. So we will end up spending on chicken soup, vicks, steam inhalers, doctor visits, orange juice etc..

5. Money does not buy happiness.

Oh hell it does. You can buy an iPhone, an iPod nano that shoots video, a Nike shoe that plays well with that nano, an European vacation and lot more. If this is not happiness then what is?

It is a conspiracy by the uber rich, so the unwashed masses will not work too hard - and the rich will not have much competition and can continue enjoying their European vacations and the cool cars. The rich authors write books and movie directors dish out art movies that glamorizes mediocrity and simple living. Don't buy this philosophy I tell you - try to make more money and enjoy life.

6. Michael Jackson is not dead

There is no conspiracy here...but for this one I whole heartedly wish it was true - that he is still alive - and it was all a drama played by his creditors to recover his debt etc. I wish he will emerge some day and release a few more albums.

Just Beat it.

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  1. hm... common cold is an industry in itself.. i am willing to buy that theory