Monday, September 14, 2009

My dear netas - you deserve business class

Our poor netas, who have already sacrificed some good professions like farming, medicine, engineering, business, law, stock trading, IT etc - for the greater good of the country, and for serving the downtrodden of this nation - are being punished by forcing them to travel in economy class. What sacrilege.

No one is there to speak in support of our netas - and they will not protest but will accept this quietly - because their humility does not allow them to protest. So I am taking up their cause in this post. No they did not pay me - our netas will never do such a thing.

Why our netas deserve business class and private jets:

1. Stress

They take so much stress. From the build up to getting a party ticket, fighting for votes, then the horse trading and finally they become ministers. And still it is not over, they have to ward off allegations of corruption, nosy reporters, RTIs, PILs - and somehow manage to find time to serve the masses.

And you expect them to be herded like cattle in economy class? Give them a break.

2. Seats are too small

Have you not seen the photos of our netas? Because they take enormous stress and the long hours they put in every day - they are a little bigger than an average Indian. They simply cannot fit in an economy seat. Please do not ask them to go join a fitness club. There is not enough time in a day.

So if your seat is next to them - in economy class, you are better off sitting on the floor. Fight for them to go business class to save your ass ( literally speaking ).

3. Entourge

Do you think our netas travel alone? They will have a bunch of IAS, IPS, SAS, CRM, CBI, ABC, GHI officials accompanying them all the time. Putting all of them in a private jet is cheaper than buying tickets for each one of them in an economy flight.

So my dear fellow countrymen - don't you agree - our Netas deserve business class and private jets. Don't believe what the media is saying and don't join them in celebrating the suffering of our poor netas.

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  1. haahaa!! no more available exit rows.. they will become the new business class!