Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Catch 22 and Strategies for Marketing

This time I experimented by starting to read 2 books  - Joseph Heller's Catch 22 and Strategies for Marketing which is based on Sun Tzu's Art of war. It is like eating a pickle and a rosogolla at the same time!! 

I read how you should prepare for an assault in one book, and a little later in the other book read how Yossarin ( the main protoganist ) moves the bombing line in the middle of the night - so the attack gets called off. Both were fun to read - and can be summed up with the most used Indian word - "timepass". 

Did I gain anything out of Strategies for Marketing so I can use some tips in promoting Apartment Adda? - only time will tell!!  Wish Sun Tzu had written about how to market a Web 2.0 product - how to increase SEO, how to develop and maintain a buzz - now that would have been really useful to me!

Did I gain anything out of Catch 22? It was hilarious reading and the end did get a little dark but good it did not end bad ( oops spoiled this one for you didn't I? ). Will I recommend this book - naah - there are better time passes around. 

Next I am starting on 2 more books - Walden by Thoreau and Motorcycle Diairies by Che Guevera. Walden seems to be a tough nut and the other one seems to be lot of fun - and matches my adventurous startup mentality.

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