Top 5 things I lost by shunning TV

It has been almost 2 months since I stopped watching TV. With 2 exceptions - Followed Chandrayaan launch on the (t)rusty Doordarshan and saw Obama creating history.

Rest of the time I have shunned TV. Here is my top 5 things that I miss about TV.

1. Breaking News - yeah right. I do miss a whole lot of things that seem to break continuously round the clock. 

2. Cricket - Oh I miss so much. During this time 4 test matches and 2 ODIs were played and I missed  the painful ecstasy of watching world's most boring entertainment and not to mention Rahul Dravid score 0 in 3 balls or Ganguly's o in 1 ball of his last match (don't take the knives out yet, my next post will be on Ganguly - in fact I like him a lot) 

3. Movies laden with Ads -  A good hollywood movie will take 3 hours with all the ads strewn  inbetween. I really miss the analysis I do with all the products and advertisements that are shown between the movies - so I can plan the next unwanted purchase and help the economy rolling.

4. Car and bike show - I miss the anchor talking for an hour walking around a car describing about the tail lights, the bonnet's shape, the lines, the curves - and finally the 10 minute drive he will do on highways. I will surely miss watching a  maruti 800 with 3 digit number plate that will overtake him on 4th gear.

5. The rest - Will miss the mindless Takeshi's castle, financial analysis ( who needs them anyway), how grasshopers escape from their predators, Shah Rukh's endless list of things that I missed out so now I am a total social misfit. I don't know what I will speak when I meet people from the outside world...scary.


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