I am happy to announce the launch of . It is an online portal targetted at apartment communities.

Today most of the apartment communities network online using yahoo groups or google groups. Apartment Adda is a replacement to these groups and in addition provides more tools custom built for apartment communities - like notice board, file sharing, polls and also management tools like maintenance fee tracker, issue tracker etc.

I have been working on this portal for the past 2 months. 

Some major milestones !!

October 2007 - Registered domain

Then Prithvi was born and I got busy in a couple of projects. 

September 17, 2008 - Work begins on Apartment Adda

September 28,2008 - Prototype demo to Oasis Breeze Apartment's Association Committee

Oct 5,2008 - Early Beta release - Oasis Breeze, Harmony Apartments sign up

Nov 12,2008 - Launch

Head over to the site and have a look - . I feel very excited and nervous !! Perhaps this is how Steve Jobs feels when he launches his iPod or MacBook !!


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