No you take the bill, no you pay the bill!!

Senator Obama and Senator Mc Cain meet each other on the eve of the November Elections. Both are in a generous mood.

BO : Hey John. I thought a lot about the past few months and I want to apologize for all the things I told about you.

JC :  Same here. I too want to apologize. I should have treated  you like one of my grand sons. 

OB : Anyway, coming to the heart of the matter, I want to withdraw from the Presidential race.

JC : Hain?  You crazy or what. You are leading the charts, go ahead it is your cake. Eat it.

OB : Well I think only you can handle the economy and war and all that. I am still a bachoo you see compared to you. So please become the President.

JC : My dear grand son listen to me. I do not want any part of it. I just joined the Presidential race because I was bored. The Bushs had made sure no republican will ever win the election in his lifetime.  I joined the race because lot of people are dependent on this circus - media, my friend Bill O'Reilly..and also my autobiography will sell well if I am an also ran for President. I dont want any part of this economy mess, Iraq mess. I will be happy signing autographs in my book and reading WSJ, WPost about the mess you are in. Its good to be at the other side of the aisle beta.. you will learn when you reach my age. 

OB : Kelatu .....

JC : I knew that reference from Indian movie.  Poda podipayya. Good luck and good night.


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