Sunday, July 13, 2008

The alchemist

This book lasted 2 days. Started on a Friday after a colleague of mine managed to steal the book from his wife to keep his promise or to escape from my embarrassing remarks I made about not keeping your promise ( hey Georgie just joking :) ). And I finished it on saturday. I am not bragging - its a simple read and its only 160 pages. The book is full of metaphors and inspiring thoughts. Perhaps I would put it along with Art of the Start by Guy kawasaki. Forget entrepreneuring - its all about thinking through the pathetic mediocre life one is having - and ask oneself - where are you headed.

I remember lying on top of the water tank of my second year hostel along with a friend called Musk. We were watching the flights on the landing path right above our head - with their wheels extended before they touch down minutes later at Meenambakkam. We did not know what business we were going to do but we were multi b and were doing quite some serious globe trotting.

Fast forward 10 years ahead and here I am - living an ordinary life. Day in and day out - the same routine repeats. Work, weekend, work, weekend. Fire up the editor, open word to read the stories ( agile you see !! ), work on a hobby open source project, read some tech blogs and nod or disagree about the latest rant on java or ruby or xml or whatever. Where am I heading? Is this the destiny I am set for? What if I pursued one of the what ifs. Reading this book made me feel - perhaps I should get fired and no one take me back as a salaried employee any more. Perhaps they steal everything from me, like our hero in the book, and he relearns new techniques. This bad book will make you think. There are lot of chains - home loan, kid, responsibilities, but now I feel these are all excuses I keep telling my heart. All this noise has made my heart go quiet. Perhaps it was telling lot of things to me but I kept shutting it up. The hero in the book learns to listen to the heart - perhaps I should try listening to it.

Anyway tomorrow its monday and I join the millions sleep walking through their lives. But tomorrow like Neo in the first part - will wear my black vogue -5 powered sunglass,and step out of my apartment aware that I am not sleeping any more. The Wachowski brothers will shoot the scene from above our apartment's cracked roof - and ....yawn. Tomorrow is IPM and I have to catch some sleep tonight else I will not be able to understand what the stories are all about. Hello reality. Atleast you feed me. And heart..err..some other time. You prepare what you have to tell me - perhaps as a mind map - you know I do not like power point presentations. Not that I hate microsoft but power points are too mind numbing...will rant more in one of my posts.. you read it ok. Ciao.

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