Now I have to pay pension..sigh

So this weekend I went to brand factory to scoop up deals. And guess who I bumped into - Vijay Mallya himself and had a quick guftagoo with him.

VM : Hey venkat what are you doing here?

VK : Oh recession time in US boss and the hike letters are just not coming. But you tell me what are YOU doing here instead of roaming around with your wife in Louis Vuitton showroom?

VM : Louis Vuitton - yes yes my wife wanted to go there. I had to lie to my wife that I have a board room meeting . I heard they are selling Royal Challenger's TShirts 2 for price of 1. Tell me if you find it. You know I have sunk so much money and pride and now I am really struggling to pay these pensioners. Have to cut costs to keep them well fed.

VK : Its alright. You have world class players in your team they will turn it around.

VM : Really? Tell me do you believe in it?

VK : No. hehe

VM : Damn you. Anyway - coming back to my team - you know I cannot fire any one. Seems I have to pay 3 years worth of money. Have to live with these pensioners for 3 more years. Then will wash my hands dry of this mess. Cricket is a bad sport you know. I was reading Outlook - and you know instead of thrashing the cricketters they are taking their side. They are painting me bad. I just cannot believe it. It seems I should not expect victory. Then why should I be paying all these gentlemen all the dough. Just does not make sense.

VK : I understand your frustration Mallu. Do what they do in NFL and MLB - trade the non performers next season.

VM : Who will buy them?

VK : Sweeten the deal a bit. Give your cheer leaders free.

VM : Now thats an idea. Anyway I heard that Mukesh is also visiting Brand factory today. I gotto leave before he sees me.

VK : Mukesh? Does not ring a bell

VM : Woh Ambani bhai. We are in the same boat - dont you know that.

VK : Oh then I will hang around for some more time and have a chat with him too. Nice talking to you boss.


  1. I see u have conveniently ignored the current good form of dravid..

  2. Hey Bala - I will never question Dravid's form nor his talent. He is a captain and he has to marshall his team to victory. He has fallen way short of inspiring his team. The yardstick is different while judging a captain vs just as another team member.


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