2000 KMs milestone crossed. 2nd Attempt at Full Marathon


That's 1000 Kms in a year. Crossed 1000 Kms in April 2015

Attempting my first full marathon for the 2nd time. Sep 18th is the D Day. Last year I started training for a full marathon, but midway had to give up.[2015 Kaveri Trail Marathon]
Planning to run in the Kaveri Trail Marathon this year also. I use the Nike Running App ( Free on both iOS and Android ). There is a coach option, where you key in the race date and it will work out a training program. I am following it sincerely. 5 runs a week, the last one  a long run that keeps increasing till the race day. 

Excited about what lies ahead - the training days as it will get harder and harder, and finally the day of the Marathon.. Set a goal which is humanely impossible ( to me certainly it is ) -  break it down, work hard, and achieve it. 

Few days back when I was campaigning for more friends to join me in a a half or full marathon - got into a full fledged debate with a few friends in Whatzapp.

There were lot of objections. 

Not every one is born to run a marathon.
10 mins of light exercise is good for us.
Marathon is actually bad for the health.

It is all about winning the mind - a very cunning lazy creature. 

When the Mercury drops below 20 degrees, it will not let you get out of the blanket. Will trick you into continue sleeping in the warm nest.

When there is no power, it will make you heat water in gas stove to take bath. Will not let you take a cold shower. 

Will tempt you into eating junk food which is programmed to give a quick satisfaction. And turn back at a quality home cooked fare. 

Will tempt you into gulping a high calorie sugary drink that satiates the sugar craving. And will not let you sip a nourishing fruit juice or a tender coconut.

Will tempt you into watching TV for hours. And will not let you pick a deep thought provoking book. 

This is the mind we are fighting when we run. When we train. Yes we were born with this mind like everyone - and we runners try to conquer this lazy specimen. 

And unlike meditation - we cannot totally shut down the mind. We need the mind's help - because once we be-friend this mind - it can trick the poor weak body of ours into doing inhumane things.

Like finishing a 42km run - a feat on the outset that looks impossible, but many are able to do it. 

Hi Mind. I will defeat you. Win you over. Make you my friend. And together we will complete the marathon. 


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