Sunday, December 28, 2014

Switched from Nike Free Run 3 to Puma Mobium

After the Vibram law suit, I got disillusioned with Bare foot running. Also running on Mumbai Roads, bare foot is not practical - it is dangerous.

I ran barefoot for about 6 months ( on Sports Authority of India's track in Kandivali), then switched to Bata shoe... which got worn out pretty quickly.

Then I switched to Nike Free Run 3, and for the last 2 years this has been my running shoe. I have clocked close to 930Kms on this and the soles have worn off pretty well.

I enquired about Nike Run 5, and it was close to 9k. I literally stopped on my tracks - this is crazy.

Couple of weeks back, San pointed to a Sale in the Puma shop next to our office. I looked around, and found this interesting shoe - the Puma Mobium.

The sales guy knew about running and said this is not a heels strikers shoe, but more of a front to mid foot runner's. This is the ideal way to run from what I have researched.

This was also 9k, but they had 40% off. Did a few trial runs in the store and liked it.

I have been running 5ks the last few runs, and today went for 8.6Kms ( wanted to do a 10k, but stop signal came to brain and I couldn't over come it ). It is quite good. I find I did not do heel strikes anymore, and I was landing more on the mid foot. With Nike, if I do not focus, I will invariably do a few heel strikes before I realize and remind myself to land more on the mid foot.

The pace is slightly better.. don't know if it is a placebo kind of thing, or the new shoe did really help a bit.

Also, this shoe breathes well - on windy stretches I felt the wind inside my feet. Will know once the summer arrives - if this will prevent blisters.

The shoe is a bit flashy - a few years back I would have said ewww.. but I am getting younger you see - got appreciation from Prithvi's school friends while we were waiting for the School Bus.

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