Fad #1 - Juicing

I am starting on my Fad Series.

Well now and then I hear a crazy idea and try it out - sometimes it sticks to me ( like running, buddhism, meditation, vegetarianism ), sometimes it remains a fad.. like my standing desk.. which is yet to become a full time habit.

Whenever I try something weird - I get challenged - oh is this your newest Fad. I say yes - and now onwards will blog about it - so when I look back I can see how many Fads became habits.

Before I begin - I checked what "Fad" really means.. 

"an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived; a craze."

So the Fad of the moment - Juicing 

South Indian Vegetarian Fare is actually not that healthy. We boil everything, use a tank of oil, and use lot of salt and masala. There are so many of my Uncles and Aunts - who are vegetarians - and yet suffer from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure etc. 

Have been reading about Juicing - how the vitamins and minerals are not murdered by boiling, how it is all preserved etc. and how the raw fiber is good and all that. 

Decided to give it a try. I assembled the following : 

2 Beetroots
3 Carrots
1 Apple
1/2 inch Ginger
1/2 piece White garlic

I washed them thoroughly and scraped the outsides without any mercy - wasted quite some good "meat" - cannot take any chances you see - pesticides and all that.  Put them all in a "mixie" and some water - and it became pulp - not exactly a juice. 

What came out was - hmm.. not as delicious as a milkshake.. but got an interesting taste - a little rough on the throat but sweet. I also got my soy milk to wash it down. Prithvi was munching on Nacho chips watching me eat....I borrowed 2 to neutralise the good effects of this preparation! 

Btw - I had gone for a 1 hour run in the morning and this was quite filling. I did not feel hungry till lunch. Also I had made close to 800ml. I put half of it in a small container and took it to office. Had it in the evening for snacking. It did not go bad - was just sitting in the pantry - not even refrigerated. People used it like Chutney with Neer Dosa that had come to office in the evening. 

Side effects - people at home warned me - be prepared you will get loose motion. Nothing like that happened - felt perfectly normal like any other day. 

Next to try out more combinations - and perhaps try and make a juice.


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