Tweets that does not make sense..

I love twitter. If you don't like twitter - still you can read this article - because you will get some fresh twitter bashing stuff

1. Boarded plane !

Oh you have a GPRS enabled mobile is it - oh it's an iPhone - so you are able to tweet till the flight attendant comes and asks you to switch off your phone and then give a dirty look to the guy next to you who has a Nokia 1001.

2. Good morning!

Dood - I live in India - and its evening for me. Try to understand - the world is not flat how much ever Thomas Friedmann has made millions out of that statement.

3. RT this RT that !

Well even I RT that at times but not all the time.There are tweeters who live only to RT. At times Tweet something other than 1) and 2) and I will follow you.

4. #fail !

I fail you. I see so many fails that it depresses me. I wish the tweeters use some other hash #boo, #yuck etc. Be creative. Fail brings back school day nightmares.

5. I bought an iPhone 3GS

Good for you. You can now tweet till the flight attendant comes to warn you.

and btw - you can follow me at and I assure you I follow proper tweetiquette.


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