Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 5 reasons why I love Election 2009

Here is the top 5 list !!

5. I get to refresh my "political GK". For instance I had forgotten there was a person called Naveen Patnaik - had this election not brought the seat sharing issue - I would have totally forgotten him and I might have lost the Rs. 1 Crore worth question someday.

4. Pink Chaddis did have an effect after all. Now Mr.Muthalik is off to making sure this election is corruption fee. He has taken his eyes off the women of Bangalore - you can all drink and dance - till the election is over.

3. Newspaper has become fun to read. Can now read the goofups ( one politician in Karanataka in a rally thundered do not vote for party A - and just a week back he had moved to party A !! - its true )

2. You will get to know how good your country is and how good you are doing financially - and at the same time turn another page and you will get to know how bad your country has become, and how pathetic you are doing financially. 

1. No power cuts in Bangalore. It seems the Bangalore Govt is working extra hours to ensure there will not be any power cuts till election ends. So enjoy power while it lasts folks !!


  1. appada! finally the rowdies are doing some noteworthy "moral policing".. wonder why they had to wait till the elections to realize that corruption is more rampant and actually harmful than ppl drinking/dancing in bangalore!

  2. You Missed one more thing... Economy stimulus will happen as all parties start spending and distribute wealth for votes and to conduct meetings...
    Itz kind of a stimulus in India as politicians and political parties get the tax payer's money when they were in government....The only time they spend that money is during elections...

  3. Yes I missed the money aspect - saw the numbers the other day and it is mind boggling. I guess Indian elections costs are fast catching up with US elections.