Thursday, November 06, 2008

Michael Chrichton ( 1942 - 2008 )

Michael Chrichton passed away on Nov 4, 2008.

A salute to a great author with a great imagination. 

His books that I relished.

Jurassic Park

Enjoyed it for the chaos theory and he inducted me into fractal world.


Picked this book in the middle of my 3rd year exams. Started reading at 2.00PM and put it down at 3.00AM the next day.  ( thankfully I had a day between exams).

Eaters of the dead

I don't remember much about this book but for one interesting anecdote in the book - the length of a man's nose determines the length of can guess :)

The Great Train Robbery

Chaltahai book. Nothing is sticking on my brain now. 


Introduction to Nano technology. But kind of predictable and got boring towards the end.


Marketing said you will never fly an aircraft after you read this - but my memory is too short so it did not matter !!

Movie adaptations that I enjoyed.


I made the cardinal sin of seeing this movie and then regretting later that I saw this movie. Now I will never read this book - time is too short and also the director has already imagined for me - I cannot imagine anyother way now.


Good fun. No regrets that I did not read the book. Couple of months saved :)

Lost World

I do not remember the movie - but still I want to read this book - it is in my list of books to catch upon.

Got to get the books he has written after Prey - State of Fear and Next. I will definitely feel sad when I read his books henceforth - while reading a book you are actually reading the author's mind - and the feeling that the mind is no more - kind of makes you feel sad. 

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