Friday, November 28, 2008

2 reasons why Terrorists made a mistake this time

Terrorists choose the wrong place and wrong time to strike. They have dug their own graveyard.

Here is why. 

1. It is election year. The in power, out of power, no chance of power - all politicians with half,quarter brain will be baying for terrorist blood. Any draconian bill will get passed this time in the assembly. 

Of course the short term impact will be - the terrorists will look for alternative professions and lie quietly. The long term impact will be - too much power with police,army will backfire in the long run. Then a peace loving government will come to power and clip its wings.

2. Those idiots attacked business capital. In the past few years business lobbying has started growing. So now enough businesses ( I am counting on you feuding Ambanis, Tatas and Birlas) will lobby for tougher security - and the half and quarter brains will comply and pass the laws even if they do not understand a thing.

And in another note : 

We are tired of our Neighbour

 My great neighbour next door I last read are in the brink as usual. I hope they learn a lesson or two from us and get going with life. They are blessed with the same brains we have, their culture is the same, they watch the same stupid TV serials like us and that boring game  - what is stopping them from creating an economy like us. 

I hope they realize and stop exporting terrorism or fight for a piece of my land - and instead copy us in creating a happy place to live. Heck, we can help you with everything. Infosys,TCS will be more than willing to set up shop there - having exhausted the supply here.

We are tired of you guys. We cannot spot you in the rear view mirror any more - we are off...just like Chandrayaan to higher orbits. Stop chasing us and trying to compare with us. Accept it - you guys have lost it. So take a break and concentrate on progress. That is the only way to be happy. You guys deserve to be happy. 

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  1. 'the terrorists will look for alternate professions'. he he he.. good to see the optimism left in this world :)