A little about me and who this blog is for

Who am I?

I am a "techie" who lives in Bangalore. But now I have taken a break to embark on a journey - auspiciously on the day Lehmann Brothers went bankrupt, Goldmann Sachs got degraded and blood bath happened in Wall Street. A journey to explore what it is like to go on your own - to be your own boss and create a business.

Currently I am building an apartment management plus residents communication portal targetted at mid to large sized apartment complexes.  Its an alternative to yahoo groups, google groups and orkut that most of the residents use for apartment related communication. 

Who this blog is for?

I have been toying with the idea of starting something on my own for quite a long time. Have read lot of blog posts, books and finally now I have taken the plunge. I intend to help out the souls who want to take the plunge - share my experience and learnings in this new life of mine. Also inviting ideas, tips, tricks that you think might help me in my quest. 

Also, to keep myself committed to this blog, I am going to say what I am going to post next - on every post.

Next post is going to be about the choice of technology for my portal. Being a techie thats what I can think of first. Stay tuned!!


  1. Venkat

    thank you for starting this blog and sharing your experiences in starting up. I have found it very useful and I am sure others will too find it useful.

    thanks and good luck!



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